Thursday, 11 September 2014

visiting chelsea

As you can see from these beautiful pictures I visited Chelsea at the end of August, a beautiful city/ town in London filled with beautiful houses, extravagant shops and beautifully dressed men - future husbands ladies haha! The reason why? This was to visit a place called 'The Face' we got our hair, make up and nails done and then got pictures taken. It felt so glamorous to be pampered! It was such a lovely day and as you can imagine from the pictures my god it felt fancy *drools over Michael Kors and Mac*
I got to drool over the make-up in Space NK and then head over to Brandy Melville which was a dream. I have never tried on so many clothes before- they were softest may I just add. I wanted EVERYTHING. (I may have walked away with a few goodies, I may even do a haul if you interested?) There were also a selection of cakes and fudge to look over, each hand made and beautifully designed. We also went to Zizzi's for dinner, yes yes I had pizza typically. I had such a lovely day, worth a visit if you ask me.
-a dream home destination-


  1. Your pictures are great, looks such a lovely place to visit! bet that pizza was nice eh :) xx

    1. Thank you!:) you always leave lovely comments! It was very lovely and haha yes good old pizza!;)xx

  2. Lovely pictures! And nice blog!! :)

    xoxo Brie at