Monday, 22 September 2014

brandy melville // new in

Heya you lovely lot, I asked on Instagram who wanted to see this post and I got a yes (mainly Aileen haha:)!) And of course seeing as I had the pictures of course I wanted to do a haul! If you didn't know Brandy Melville is an American shop which sells the softest and nicest clothes in THE W-O-R-L-D. So you should have seen my face when I saw the store in Chelsea *there is a post about this trip* and obviously I had to go in and obviously buy things.

two dresses- these I believe are called baby doll/shift/skater dress one of those three! I got them in a daisy print (as of course I'm flower crazy) and stripes because I don't have enough of that in my wardrobe either! Both were around £29 I believe, so not too bad for some soft laveeely dresses.

three tops- these tops caught my eye. One being a long sleeved striped top (super soft and cosy), the other a white floaty crop top which flatters very nicely (hey I might do a ootd on this) and a cami style red striped vest which I plan to wear with a bandeau. If you ever pass a Brandy Melville please please go inside, definitely worth it! (And if your going to America, make several trips) I tried on seventeen things!! I never ever have tried so much on in a store before. (Love at first sight if you ask me.....)

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Malteser Cheesecake

My golly-god just look at this beauty of a cheesecake. So we go to my brothers for dinner every couple of weeks and I offered to make dessert (I am a bit of a baking fanatic) and I'd never made a cheesecake before so I thought I would give it a go.

This cake of cheese goodness (trying not to say cheesecake too much haha) has a layer of digestive biscuits, white chocolate and milk chocolate. I had a tad of a disaster when putting in the chocolate- I didn't melt it silly me! But other than that it went really well I didn't even need to bake it. I also sprinkled Maltesers on top because I simply wanted to and I was craving them *bad excuse* I was a little bit worried when trying it just incase I had poisoned it but not it was very delicious and tasted sooooo good! I will definitely be making this again...

  • 200g malted milk biscuits, crushed to crumbs
  • 100g salted butter, melted
  • 5 tbsp caster sugar
  • 2 x 300g tubs full fat soft cheese (we used Philadelphia; if you use soft or cream cheese from a deli counter the cheesecake might not set)
  • 300ml pot double cream
  • 300g white chocolate, melted
  • 200g bar milk chocolate, melted
  • 2 tbsp malt or Horlicks powder
  • 37g bag of Maltesers

  • little link to the recipe' here
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    Thursday, 11 September 2014

    visiting chelsea

    As you can see from these beautiful pictures I visited Chelsea at the end of August, a beautiful city/ town in London filled with beautiful houses, extravagant shops and beautifully dressed men - future husbands ladies haha! The reason why? This was to visit a place called 'The Face' we got our hair, make up and nails done and then got pictures taken. It felt so glamorous to be pampered! It was such a lovely day and as you can imagine from the pictures my god it felt fancy *drools over Michael Kors and Mac*
    I got to drool over the make-up in Space NK and then head over to Brandy Melville which was a dream. I have never tried on so many clothes before- they were softest may I just add. I wanted EVERYTHING. (I may have walked away with a few goodies, I may even do a haul if you interested?) There were also a selection of cakes and fudge to look over, each hand made and beautifully designed. We also went to Zizzi's for dinner, yes yes I had pizza typically. I had such a lovely day, worth a visit if you ask me.
    -a dream home destination-

    Monday, 8 September 2014

    I have a thing for stationery // supplies haul

    So I left School this year and started College today actually (it was a good first day but I can tell its going to be difficult.) After having twelve weeks off it was a tad of a struggle to get out of bed this morning! So in order to pick me up and feel a little more positive about College I went to Tesco to search out some stationary.

    So I tried Staples, Whsmiths and didn't have any luck unfornately (I kind of have a thing for pretty stationery so I wanted to keep on looking) I then went to Tesco and saw these beauties. (The notebook, pencil case and planner) Three perfect essentials I'm going to need to keep organised, write down revision notes and keep my pencils and things all in one place.
    - it worries me slightly that I got excited by stationery-



    Friday, 5 September 2014

    Lewes // lunch at Bills

    So a week or two ago, me and friend Gabby were trying to come up with things to do, we usually always go to the same places and do the same things. We originally wanted to go to Rye but hey-ho we ended up in Lewes as I knew about Bills.

    Lewes is an absolutely beautiful small town filled with quirky little shops *which were closed because it was Sunday unfornately* and of course Bills! If you weren't aware Bills is a restaurant which serves really good and healthy foods (you basically know what you're eating for a change!) It was a little expensive I must admit, but worth ever damn penny, this was probably the best meal I had ever eaten out. I think me and Gabby both agreed that we wanted another as soon as we had finished- even though it was so filling! The portions were perfect and I loved this spontaneous little day out it was so nice for a change!
    (sorry my photos aren't the best, but I had to use my iPhone as a stand in for my camera)

    Tuesday, 2 September 2014

    Chelsea, saving mr banks- August

    Summers gone and Autumns coming, (squeals with joy!) I love A/W and am so excited for cosy jumpers and cold weather. August has been a lovely busy month filled with travelling, lifestyle and food- as you can see from the pictures above. I have also spent alot of time watching movies *about time* and *saving Mr banks* and also watching too much of The Vampire Diaries.

    So I went to the SE-BLOGGERS meet up in Brighton organised by Aileen and Lottie. This was a definite highlight of the month and so much fun! We all shopped, talked and ate like typical bloggers! (this included tasty pizza and dough balls.) I also wrote a post talking about the goodie bag we received! Alongside Brighton I also visited Lewes with my friend Gabby where we went to Bills for lunch. We ate the most beautiful gourmet burgers, I'm hungry just thinking about it. This was such a lovely day as it was so spontaneous! *feeling sophisticated* 

    I also had a lovely trip to Chelsea, this was a little treat for my exam results. We went to a place called 'The Face' and got our hair, make-up and nails done. Which was followed by a round of pictures, shopping and a tasty Zizzi's for dinner! I even got to visit Brandy Melville, which may I just say was just a little bit exciting- the softest and nicest clothes ever! I've also been lovin' the naked palette this month, but who doesn't really? 

    College is just the corner! But hey I'm kinda excited. Bye' you lovely lot.

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    Monday, 1 September 2014

    New In // Brighton Buys

    Howdy'all I can't believe its September (favourites coming up soon) and School is v'v'soon which is a tad off the subject of the post but still time goes too quickly at the moment! Whilst in Brighton last Saturday I picked up some things as a little after treat exam celebration. 

    In Boots I picked up the duo fiber collection (limited edition, but seems to have been sold for a bit longer than a short period of time aha!) from Real Techniques. These are good for when you have a make-up item which picks up a bit too much product. Also the Gimme Brow from Benefit- which I managed to get free from saving up my Boots points. (Best purchase decision as I love it already, a wonder product.) In New Look I bought a bag for College, simple but love it. Lastly I picked up a striped mini skirt from H&M, my great bargain of £3.99. I don't usually suit mini skirts but I loved this on and can't believe I found it. (If your heading to H&M soon I would go pick this up!) 
    little link' here