Wednesday, 26 February 2014

A Place of Sanctuary

Everyone has that one place where they feel entirely comfortable and safe, no need to feel under any pressure or strain. In this place you feel instantly relaxed and calm after perhaps a hard day or week. My place of Sanctuary would definitely be my bedroom, of course I have access to the other parts of my house to relax and wind down, but the one place I have to be expressive is there. I love the freedom of being able to put my personal stamp on the design, I mean I could graffiti the walls if I really wanted to. (I also love the Bath but if I spent all my time in there I would be a wrinkly old person by now!)
This little place I find so important at the moment, as in around ten weeks time I will leave school forever and have an unbearable amount of exams to prepare for. I need a studying area. (Bye Bye Social Life.) Being the typical girl I am, I love to surround my room with things that reflect my personality so flowers, birds and other pretty accessories. Of course its not about the materialistic things but a happy vibe helps to create a positive mind. (I find white and pastel colours help to brighten my mood.)
What's your place of sanctuary?
Thank you for reading,
Olivia x

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Spring Clothing Haul

Something I never tend to do is fashion hauls. When I first started my blog in May, I loved clothes and primarily thought that was what I wanted my blog to be about. However after reading and seeing all the make up reviews, hauls and new releases it took over my love for clothes, I would like to incorporate more fashion posts into my blog. I don't want to stop my makeup and beauty posts, I just want to include more of a variety its nice to change once in a while. So with Spring just around the corner- fingers crossed- I really needed to pick up some new clothes and the high-street has some really nice picks at the moment. I can see a big Primark trip happening soon! Have you seen anything you have liked recently?
Striped Tunic Topshop, a baggy oversized top which could be worn as a dress paired with converses or a pair of Chelsea boots.
You can buy here
I absolutely adore this wooly jumper from Topshop, not only is it super soft but it also has a lovely embellishment around the neckline, subtle and a perfect colour for Spring.
I couldn't find the pink colour but they still have the mint green and grey version which you can find here
I already own a pair of tartan trousers which I showed in my last fashion haul, as I got a lot of wear out of them and I hate jeans, I thought I would pick up another pair in a different pattern. These are from Topshop. You can find here
As I said above I need to take a trip into Primark as I only had a little amount of time in there before. They have their new Spring stock in and I saw this beautiful grey skater dress which has flowers and birds on it, I can't wait to wear this.
 I must admit I usually dislike River Island, and always walk out unimpressed however recently I have found some gems. Including these shorts which are quite out there however they are up my ally because one they are floaty and two I'm obsessed with daisies. 
 You can find these here
I never usually suit camis; I've tried Topshop, Primark, New Look and had no luck however River Island's I found, are the most flattering. I also picked up a spotty one which I had to return however I will pick it up again.
You can find these here
Lastly I thought I would include some accessories. I really love this hat trend- I'm not a fashion blogger the name has slipped out of my head- but these hats are perfect for the Spring time. I didn't want to spend too much on one just incase I didn't really wear it so I got mine from H&M which was very affordable.
I also purchase the new volume supersizing spray from L'Oreal which supposedly gives the hair super volume, I really wanted to pick this up as my hair has been feeling drab and in need of some TLC.
Have you picked up something recently which you've loved?
Thank you for reading,
Olivia x

Friday, 21 February 2014

Naked 3 Palette First Impressions

I didn't need it but its difficult to walk past the Urban Decay stand let alone the whole of the beauty department in Debenhams. I didn't need this palette in any way shape or form as I already have the Basics and first Naked palette, I think I have officially exceeded my limits with eye shadows but that will not stop me. I had never been wowed by the Naked 2 palette so I was over the moon to see a new release around Christmas time however I waited patiently until I could finally get hold of this beauty. This won't be a review as such as I have barely had it five minutes however I can say I am already in love. Like always Urban Decay are spot on with their shades and packaging, this palette has my name all over it.

Each of the Naked palettes come with twelve shades besides the basics which comes with a compact six shades. You can read a review here. Although these palettes may seem expensive for £37, compared to the likes of Mac and Nars eye shadows this palette is a great investment. The Naked one palette has a range of warm toned shades, the Naked two palette has a range of cool toned shades and the Naked three a range of pink toned shades. I am glad they took a different route with this third installment, although the shades are still natural its different from your usual brown or champagne colour. I really have no negatives about this palette so far, the shades are beautiful, buttery and slide onto the lid so easily. I can't wait to use these shades over the Spring and Summer months.

The palette also comes with a doubled ended shadow and blending brush which is definitely a step up from the brush given in the first Naked palette. Not only do I love the quality of this brush and find it usable, I also love the rose gold packaging and the fact you can see the colour build up on the brush- I don't like black make up brushes. 
Strange- A very light pink (matte shade)- a very pigmented shade perfect for highlighting the brow bone and inner corners- I think prefer Virgin though. 
Dust - Light metallic pink (metallic) - This shade is definitely the most beautiful out of the palette however I am a little worried about how this will apply as its so glittery I think I will have to be aware of fallout. 
Burnout - A peachy pink (satin) - smooth, soft with great colour pay off.
Limit - Pale dusty rose (matte) - A beautiful sophisticated shade. Could be used as a gentle wash of colour all over the lid. 
Buzz - A light rose gold (metallic) - silky soft with brilliant colour pay off so the glitter doesn't seem as intense as Dust so probably a easy out the door shade. 
Trick - Warm pink peach (metallic) - a beautiful shade perfect for a night or perhaps just all over the lid during the day time. 
Nooner - Medium pink brown (matte) - I have no clue what Nooner means but besides that factor this is a beautiful matte shade which has great pigmentation and could be applied to the crease or outer v. 
Liar - Cool toned rose gold (metallic) 

Factory - Light toned mauve (shimmer) - Similar to Liar, a less intense shade perfect for the crease. 
Mugshot - Metallic taupe (metallic) - This shade is silky and soft however I am not keen on grey and taupe shades so this is a colour unfortunately which will stay unloved. 
Darkside - Deepest taupe (matte) - Perhaps not as pigmented as the other matte shades within the palette however beautiful never the less. 
Blackheart - Almost black with red glitter accents (glitter) - Suprisingly I absoutley adore this a great alternative to a usual black shade. I love applying this to the outer corner of my eye and blending with a shadow brush. 
The palette also comes with four primer potions in formulas: Anti Aging, Eden, Original and Sin. Sin has a shimmery bronze formula, Eden has a nude matte formula and of course the other two are pretty explicitly explained by their names. 

So sorry to compile another Naked 3 palette review however I love reading these especially as some people like the advice on which palette to get. I recommend this one out of the three, definitely my favourite. Do you own this or plan to buy it soon?

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Thanks for reading,
Olivia x

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Mac Pigment in 'Vanilla'

Something which I never payed attention to from Mac was the pigments. However towards the end of last year I started to notice more and more people talk about these little pots of heaven and couldn't resist. I know in the past these pigments use to come in a larger size however I really don't think I need any more product as there is literally so much to use its bound to last a lifetime. So in September I decided to pick up the shade Vanilla. This was a tough decision as they offer so many different shades, I have my eye on Tan and Naked as well which are more towards the bronze/ gold end of the spectrum. I love the fact that these pigments are so multifunctional, you can use them as highlighters and eye shadows depending of course on the choice of colour.
A pigment is a highly concentrated loose colour powder to help adhere to the skin. They can be used to create a subtle wash of colour or a dramatic effect. These pigments supposedly do not streak or cake and are long- lasting and easy to blend.  This is the first ever pigment I have tried and found out I have definitely been converted. They are not at all cakey and almost give the appearance that your skin has a natural glow. I find it easiest to apply with my fingers as otherwise things will become a little messy. It's such a nice alternative to perhaps your usual powder eye shadows and highlighters. Although £17 for a pigment may seem absolutely ridiculous it is definitely worth the hefty price tag as not only do you receive 4.5g of product but you can also use this for a variety of different purposes.
Vanilla is a beautiful soft ivory white which is perfect as a highlighter or as an intense under brow highlight. I find I only really use Vanilla on my cheek bones as not only can it be fiddly but I find it too much underneath my brow. Especially if I am already using shimmery eye shadows all over the lid. It makes your skin look so flawless and glowing however this product isn't for the faint hearted. As I find it can be striking and difficult to apply at times however I am fully impressed with this product and am so glad I added this to my collection.
Is a pigment something you have ever tried before?
Buy Here
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Olivia x

Sunday, 9 February 2014

chocolate galore | recipe

 After having a look through Instagram, I saw a cake which gave me some inspiration to create my own. It was basically a cake with each section having a different type of topping so I combined the ideas of sections and chocolate and this cake was born. Me and my friend Gabby dedicated our whole Saturday- sad but worth it- to create this little beauty. So I thought I would go through a step by step guide of how to create this cake if you fancy giving it a go for yourself. By the way it tastes just as good as it looks! P.s this is a very picture heavy post. Perhaps you could make this for Valentines day for a chocolate addict?

The ingredients you will need:
175g of butter or margarine
175g of Sugar
3 eggs
225g of self-raising flour
Pinch of Salt
2 tablespoons of milk
(200g Butter and 400g of Icing Sugar)- Buttercream
And a ridiculous amount of your favourite chocolates

 1. Cream together the butter and sugar together until pale and fluffy. You could either use a wooden spoon or electric whisk (the electric whisk is probably easier.)

 2. Add the eggs in one at a time, mixing well after each addition. (Three in total)

3. Fold in the flour, salt and the milk into the mixture

 4. And then mix all of it together, I'm not the only one who loves the taste of cake mix!

 5. Grease the tin with butter and then put the mixture into a tin or perhaps into cupcake tins if you wanted to make cupcakes instead. You then bake this by preheating the oven on Gas Mark 4 or 180'c for 30 to 35 minutes,

 6. You can then repeat steps 1-5 again to make the cake again and have two layers. After this step you can create the buttercream by creaming together 200g of Icing Sugar and 100g of Butter. This will be enough to fill the middle of the cake and you can then repeat this again to cover the top of the cake in buttercream. This is important as you need to the toppings to be able to stick to the cake!
 7. And then go wild and split the cake into roughly eight sections. You can then choose a different topping for each section. We choose Mini Eggs, Malteaser Bunnies, Maltesers, Oreos, Flakes, Reeces Cups, Kinder Buenos, Sprinkles and Kit Kats.

 And ta-da your cake is finished. We also surrounded the cake in three boxes of chocolate fingers! This cake is super duper easy to make and although looks sickly actually tastes amazing!
Thank you for reading,
Olivia x