Sunday, 29 September 2013

New Mac Lipsticks

So, as many of you mac lovers know. There are a lot of mac lipsticks to choose from, you stand there swatching all the different shades decided whether your going to buy a pink or orange toned red. It can be super overwhelming especially if your new to mac and your surrounded by a lot of people you want to get in and get out really quickly.

 chatterbox, creme cup

Creme Cup: Creme cup is a pinky- nude. This was actually the lipstick I wanted the most as I'm not exactly daring and find that most people love and find this shade to be flattering on the lips. So far I'm impressed, it's part of the cremesheen range so feels very creamy on the lips. Overall I think if you like lipstick and want to grab a shade from MAC this is definitely the shade I would recommend. A neutral pink- appropriate for every day.

Chatterbox: Well that this shade is a lot more bright on the lips. It's not as bright as candy yum yum however as it is part of the amplified range, the colour is very bright shade of pink. Chatterbox wasn't a shade I originally planned to buy, i actually set out to buy 'Coral Bliss' but I literally couldn't find it anywhere so I opted for this shade instead. Its definitely a lot more pigmented, so if your not into bright lips I would probably not suggest this shade but its super pretty nevertheless. 

Overall I do love both these shades, but I just think you might be able to find cheaper alternatives in the drugstore. However I will be buying more from the range as they are long lasting and will last me a long time. Mac don't you dare raise your prices again £15 is about my limit. 

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Ready for Autumn/Winter

Ready for Autumn/Winter

I am a massive autumn/ winter lover, yes the sun is great but I much prefer this time of year. Things start to get a little cosier and a little colder. Out with the sunglasses and in with the wooly hats. 

Nivea lip butters- I have been wanting to try these for a while now, since everyone and their mums aunty loves them, my lip balm collection is getting quite big but one or two more won't kill? I think the flavour I want to try the most is 'Vanilla and Macadamia Kiss.'

Frilly Socks- Again I own a lot of these, however some of mine are starting to look a bit worn and tatty so I think I need to pop to Top shop and buy some more. (does anyone feel like you have to get the 3 for £8 deal when you get Top shop socks)

Boots- I just started getting into boots about a year ago, and I love love love them. I really dislike ugg boots, I just find boots can be comfortable and 'stylish.' I wasn't really sure about the whole cut out trend last year, it kind of defeats the object of keeping your feet warm, but I do love them and I think they would look adorable with a pair of frilly socks. 

Jumpers and Coats- Well, well, well this is my downfall. I love buying new coats and jumpers, and I made a decision this year of spending a bit more on a coat. So essentially it will last me longer, and also will be better quality. I'm not really sure about styles and what not but I really like this coat from Topshop. (The jumper above is also from Topshop)

Wooly Hats- I loved wooly hats last year, and I will love them again this year. A definite winter must when it gets super-duper cold.

Bag- And last but not least. Oh my golly wolly how pretty and cute is this bag? If anyone has just Zoellas new video you would have seen this featured,  kind of fell in love. Its from Asos and for £30 I think I might have to add this to my shopping cart ASAP.

What do you think, you'll be buying lots of this autumn? What are you excited for about Autumn? Comment below:) and thank you for reading,

Monday, 2 September 2013

OOTD:Summers Day

Well I haven't done a fashion post before, and I was thinking of doing an August favourites but I thought I have talked about the products already so it would be like a repeat but in a different post. So I kind of felt a bit shy about including pictures of myself in a post but I thought I would just go for it. 

It was quite a hot day so I decided I wanted to wear something weather approriate so I opted for my favourite dress at the moment.

Thank you for reading:),
Olivia x