Sunday, 30 November 2014

100 things which make me happy #1

If you didn't know I have a list called 101 things in a 1001 days. You can find this H E R E
The post title is pretty self explanatory however if you hadn't guessed already it's a bucket list - of sorts - and on my list was to talk about 100 things which make me happy to increase my own positivity (sometimes it dips.) So here we go, it will be a little series and sometimes these things might be materialistic however you would be lieing to yourself if some of these didn't also bring you joy.

1# fairy lights
2# cheesecake (any type would suffice)
3# Chocolate dipped waffles with all the toppings and everything
4# Sparklers
5# Cosy Jumpers
6# The Vampire Diaries
7# Family
8# Christmas
9# Hot Chocolate
10# Buying other people presents

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Sighh Designs // phone cases + pocket mirrors

So if you didn't already know Sighh Designs is run by Polly Vadasz. She hand designs all her own phone cases, mirrors and Macbook skins. Now you have to admit they are pretty darn cool- each phone case costing £14 and the mirrors are around £3.50 I believe. Some people may believe that's a little expensive however she puts a lot of time and care into her cases- and they are also good quality so she deserves every penny. I have two cases: the autumn design and the Spagpoll, which I also have in pocket mirror form as well. Recently getting my Iphone 5s I needed a new phone case, so of course I popped over to Polly's shop- I've wanted one of her cases for a long time.
  • quick delivery and very easy/ good service
  • good sturdy cases
  • pretty designs
  • you will want more of the cases when you have one (even if you can't afford it)
head on over to website and have a sneaky look here

Sunday, 16 November 2014

16 things I learnt whilst being 16

On Halloween (which has been and gone) it was ma 17th birthday. I only have three years or so left of being a teenager and that slightly scares me. Anyway I thought I'd have a reflection of the last year and 16 things I wish I knew about being 16 when I was 15.
1. You won't like coffee- even if you try to like Costa, Starbucks, Decaf, Latte. Coffees will not like you and your 16 old self (maybe 17 though, I'll give it a go) 
2. Don't stress over exams, yes gcses are difficult however a levels are ridiculously hard. You will work hard and do sooo well- no need to worry
3. Lush bubble baths won't fix everything but you can still try- even if you can never find the perfect balance between the hot and cold water
4. Christmas is the best time of year without a doubt- the Michael Buble album may be largely connected to that 
5. No matter how many times you say you won't get drunk again after a bad night, guess what you still will...
6. Reading books can make such a difference to your mental state/health so read as widely and as much as possible.
7. Avoid nasty friends and don't try and fit in you'll be proud of yourself in the future (good lungs for the win)
8. Make up and clothes can't buy happiness but treat yourself once in a while
9. Make sure to have me time- light candles, eat chocolate and prett-ify your room. 
10. Don't count calories, it's dangerous it won't help, it will hurt you.
11. Films aren't real and although you want them to be, they aren't so don't expect a friends with benefits romance
12. Music is so important, you will learn and develop a actual good music taste ( arctic monkeys may feature in the near future)
13. Try new experiences and have more confidence- you'll surprise yourself. Oh and you'll love College it trumps secondary school.
14. Indulge in multiple domino pizzas and vanilla milkshakes because they are obviously delicious
15. It doesn't matter how many likes or followers you have on a social media network- and don't let society make you think otherwise
16. Stay organised and don't leave anything to the last minute- it just causes unnecessary panic and stress which you don't need. 

Monday, 3 November 2014

festive lush induced purchases

Snow is falling all around us. Fa la la la la- Christmas mood is coming out and its only November! So it was my birthday on Friday and I was seventeen- anyone want to see a birthday related blog post? On Saturday I visited Brighton and of course took a cheeky trip to Lush. Many, actually all of the purchases were from the Halloween/Christmas range. My fav being the sparkly pumpkin, a beauty but also smells lush. (haha you also thought that was quite funny!) I may have also bought a present which rattles, a so called sparkler, a festive lush pud, a so white ball of goodness, a dashing santa and some others.