Monday, 3 November 2014

festive lush induced purchases

Snow is falling all around us. Fa la la la la- Christmas mood is coming out and its only November! So it was my birthday on Friday and I was seventeen- anyone want to see a birthday related blog post? On Saturday I visited Brighton and of course took a cheeky trip to Lush. Many, actually all of the purchases were from the Halloween/Christmas range. My fav being the sparkly pumpkin, a beauty but also smells lush. (haha you also thought that was quite funny!) I may have also bought a present which rattles, a so called sparkler, a festive lush pud, a so white ball of goodness, a dashing santa and some others.


  1. I couldn't find any Halloween Lush products but granted I went on Halloween so I assume they all sold out. I can't believe I'm already in the Christmas spirit. The dashing Santa is so cute and so is the present and the sparkly pumpkin is so pretty x

    1. That's a shame, I went to the Brighton store on the first and they still had loads of products left! But they did tell me that they would be going soon unfornately:( Thank you lovely:) Yeap I can feel it coming too:)!x