Tuesday, 28 October 2014

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Guess who's a bad blogger? Me. I should have an excuse because this isn't the first time I've had a big break from my blog. Well I started college which is very hard might I just add- and there is alot of work involved. So of course I was focusing my attention on to that, and I was in the processing of making new friends and enjoying that little time away from my blog. (Sorry to neglect you guyzz but I thought I'd take a little time off!)

Anyways what feels like a long time ago I picked up some beauty bits and pieces. All of which I've tried and tested as I've had them for a while. The first being The Body Shop Honey Bronzer, a cult classic among everyone. (A bit late on the bandwagon here!) The one thing I'd say with this product is, is that its a bronzer and its not really appropriate for contouring! So if that's what you want out of this product, I wouldn't expect too much. However it definitely warms the complexion and makes you look full of life- especially with Winter just round the corner. I also picked up the Lid Stuff in 'What's Nude?' I haven't been reaching for this as much as I hoped but I love all the colours, easily wearable shades for any time of day. Alongside this I also picked up a Collection cream puff in: Fairy cake. Did I need this? Yes  No, I probably didn't. It smells lovely and the finish is also gorgeous. 

I left the best till last- a very cult classic blush. I picked up NARS blush in 'Deep Throat' - yes I question that name as you much as you do now. I originally was interested in Orgasm (again) however I found this to be similar to the blushes I already own and also quite shimmery. So I find this shade a lot more subtle and very flattering. You just have to gaze in admiration over their beautiful products and packaging- even if it turns messy after the third use! 

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