Friday, 27 December 2013

The Yule Monty Soap and Glory Gift Set

Well Christmas is gone once again, so everyone is getting ready for new year which is less than a week away. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas or a good holiday for those who don't celebrate and got lots of the things you wanted. I was really lucky to receive many presents and vouchers this year and amongst them I received the Yule Monty gift set from Soap and Glory. I had my eye on this before Christmas as I had noticed the set was reduced from £60 to £27 which a ridiculously good deal and of course went out of stock very quickly however luckily my mum was able to grab one, little did I know as I hadn't asked for the set. So I thought I would tell you what is included within the set- not a review as such- and everyone loves a little nosy. I do warn you though this post is very picture heavy. The gifts come packaged within a beautiful pink and silver bag which could be appropriate for travelling or to hold beauty, skincare and body items. I will definitely be keeping the box as I am sure I will find a way in which I can use this around my bedroom or for going on holiday next year.
Within the set you receive Hand Food, Sugar Crush Body Wash, The Righteous Body Butter, Peaches and Clean Cleanser, Heel Genius Foot Cream, Butter Yourself Lotion, Scrub of your life, Thick and Fast Mascara and Sexy Mother Pucker in Pink out Loud.  
 Around this time last year I picked up the Sugar Crush Body Wash and have only literally just come to the end of the bottle. The product lasts a ridiculously long time due to the consistency and of course as the product contains 500ml. The scent Sugar Crush is my favourite due to the lime and freshness of the scent, very appropriate for the Summer and Spring for a pick me up to keep you wide awake and fresh. The only negative about this is the price which is £6.50, now this is quite a lot for a body wash however in the long run the product is worth the money and would outlast four or five £1 body washes.
The other bottle is the Butter Yourself Body Lotion which is something I have never tried before. The scent is described as 'super smoothing Shea butter, orange water juice, fig pulp extract and almond, mango and moringa oils'  Although I am not particularly great at describing scents I would agree there is a scent of oranges which isn't overpowering so if you aren't a fan of the Sugar Crush scent you would probably prefer this. Although I wasn't particularly keen at first I have grown to like the scent and find it to be very different from the other scents Soap and Glory offer.
 I have used hand food before and posted it within my soap and glory favourites post which you can find here. This is such a great product which is perfect to smooth and hydrate your hands without leaving them feeling sticky. I love the traditional Soap and Glory scent which the Hand Food has and will always be a firm favourite of mine. If you have never tried this before I would definitely recommend this, they even offer a smaller size for those who don't want to spend £5.
Although I can't comment on the other two products I am really intrigued to try them as I haven't before.
The product I am most intrigued to try is the Peaches and Clean Cleanser as I have never tried a Cleanser before- shocking I know- and of course this product smells of delicious Peaches. I can't wait to give this a go and see if it makes a difference to my skin. Although I have never used a big tub of the Righteous Butter before I have used smaller containers which have produced how good this product is due to its soft texture which sinks into the skin and the smell which is identical to hand food.
I have never tried any of the Soap and Glory make up and I wish they had included more within the set as I am only really interested in trying the thick and fast mascara due to the fact the lip gloss reminds me of something which I would have got in a set when I was younger however I would still like to try it as I am sure it will be better than I expect it to be. I feel extremely fortunate to receive this set and happy with everything within the gift box as they are either products I haven't tried or I already love. Anyways if you would be interested in a what I got for Christmas comment below as I am not sure whether to post one or not.
Thank you for reading,
Livs x


Tuesday, 10 December 2013

The Christmas Tag

I can't believe Christmas is literally 15 days away now, in order to try and get everyone and myself in the festive mood I thought I would do the Christmas tag. I wasn't particularly tagged by anyone however after seeing Chloe from do this tag. I really wanted to do this as I love the questions and feel as if I haven't done a tag in the longest time.
1) What is your favourite holiday movie?
Can I cheat and say two, because I equally love The Holiday and Love Actually. I don't even care what time of year it is I will watch them whenever however they help to get into the festive mood especially as they are romantic comedy style films. I like Elf but sorry to say I'm not keen on it along with the home alone films which I really dislike.
2) What's your favourite Christmas colour?
I'm going to be boring and say red and green, if I saw them together I would immediately associate the colours with Christmas.
3) Do you like to stay in your pj's or dress up for Christmas?
I usually stay in my pyjamas whilst unwrapping my presents and then change once we have done this. I always plan to wear something really nice and dress up for the occasion but I usually just keep it simple and comfy.
4) If you could only buy one person a present this year who would it be?
I would one hundred per cent say my mum and dad, they are both my rocks and are so supportive through everything. I literally couldn't do anything without them and I really wish I could give as much back.
5) Do you open your presents on Christmas eve or Christmas morning?
Christmas morning, I like the idea of opening one present on Christmas Eve though it gets you excited for the next day.
6) Have you ever built a gingerbread house?
No I hate gingerbread so much, likewise cinnamon. However I do believe they look very Christmassy and idyllic.
7) What do you like to do on Christmas break?
I feel like I should say something interesting like go Ice Skating, but all I literally do is see family and watch Christmas films and eat cheese and crackers.
8) Any Christmas Wishes?
To those children who aren't fortunate enough to able to receive presents from friends or family or children who don't have any family at all. I know Christmas isn't about the presents however to see those go with so little and then to be fortunate myself is heart-breaking. I would love to volunteer or something along those lines when I'm older.
9) Favourite Christmas tree?
I don't have a clue what types of Christmas trees there are, I mean I have never smelt a Christmas tree before I really want to.
10) Christmas meal or treat?
I am not keen on desserts or roast dinners however I like the chocolate through the day especially the boxes of chocolates like Quality Street, Celebrations and Heroes. I can't leave out pigs wrapped in blankets they are one of the best things about Christmas.
Anyways I tag everyone to do this!
Thank you for reading!
Livs x