Monday, 10 June 2013

The Weekend

Hiya guys:),

I thought I would do a post about what I did at the weekend. I love weekends as it gives me a chance to recover from the week (I'm constantly tierd) like any other teenager the weekends are precious and fridays dont come quick enough. Although I had to go to school in the morning for science revision which wasnt fun but besides this I managed to cram a couple of things into the weekend.

I was with my friend Emma whos blog is we wrote another post together which is my last post if your interested in reading it. We wanted to make brownies as I've tried her brownies before and they incredible and I have some pictures I'm sorry if your about to drool.

They were quite simple to make and tasted amazing just so oreos,cookie mix and brownie mix I definitely recommend. I also thought I would do a little face of the day to share with you some of the products I used over the weekend.

The products on the left are my face products and the ones on the right are the products I used on my eyes.

1)I used the blush palette by Sleek in Lace. I wrote about this in my May Favourites post. The colours are so pretty and I used the middle shade and applied with the Real Techniques Blush brush. You really dont need much on your brush as the pigmentation is soo good especially as the palette was only £9.99. However you can build the shades if you wish the colours mixed together are also very pretty

2)I used the Stay Matte Rimmel Power in 'Peachy Glow.' I find it quite hard when picking powders as I find they look all very similar in shades especially the transeculent compared the normal powders. Especially as you left alone it was a complete guess buying this however it still works great it leaves a lovely finish and I can tell it makes my foundation last longer which can make an impact especially if I have a long day at school. This product retails for around £3.99.

3) I used the Bourjois healthy mix foundation which is a foundation I've for a couple of months now. The product is great for those who possibly dont really want a heavy coverage and just would like to cover up a couple of spots however is a buildable foundation. At £10.99 its one of the more expensive drugstore foundations although I would probably buy this product again there are some high end foundations I would like to try. As anyone got an recommendations for a light skin tone. My skin isnt neccesary oily or dry so these factors dont really affect whether I buy a foundation or not.

4)And finally for a highlight I used Mac's Mineralise Skinfinish in 'Soft and gentle' this product is ever so pretty. I always ask Emma whether I can borrow this when I'm with her as I dont own this product (sad times) however this will be mine and one I recommend to everyone. At £21.50 this may seem expensive however you dont need much product its bound to last you a long time.


1) Firstly I used the Maybelline colour tattoo in 'On and on bronze' I love this colour and find its so good especially as I'm lazy with eye shadow and not very inventive however I find these cream shadows are perfect all over the lid and bring out the colour in anyones eyes. For £4.99 I will definitely by adding more to my collection!

2) Secondly I used the 'Heaven and Earth' palette by MUA for £4.00 this product is literally like a giveaway. The pigmentation isnt incredible however for 12 shades you cant exactly complain. I find with eye shadow palette its so easy as you create a whole different range of eye looks from day time to night time without having to fork out to buy a MAC palette if you cant exactly afford it. Also any of you who are dying for the Naked or Naked 2 palette get this whilst your waiting a great dupe!

3) I used the 'They're Real' by Benefit. This mascara is amazing I also wrote about this mascara in my May favourites if your interested in hearing more about this product. It retails for £19.50

4) And Finally I used a comb to seperate out my eyelashes its not anything specially however I hate the 'Spider look' with eyelashes I know some people love this which is fine however I like to make sure mine are fanned out so this helps to seperate the lashes but not take off the mascara. (I got this a while ago from Primark so probably not avaliable any more Sorry)

Thank You for Reading. If you there is anything you would like me to do a full review on please comment below and I will try to write a review of.
Ok Bye-Bye my lovies:)
Olivia x

Saturday, 8 June 2013

50 Random Facts

Hello my dears:),
I thought I'd do well a little Tag (well a big tag) in order to tell you a little bit more about me and I really enjoy creating these sort of posts. I will be creating another within the next couple of days. My friend Emma has a blog which is go check it out! She has also done this post and is so lovely. So here I go with the 50 random facts Tag. I Tag everyone!

1. I really hate Jeans
2.I love Lipton ice tea (especially the peach flavour)
3.I go through stages of liking different chocolate bars (strange I know)
4.Dominoes is incredible however I order something really strange
5.I've been playing the piano for two years and adore playing. Such a beautiful instrument and am currently taking my Grade 2.
6.I would love to play the guitar
7.I took Art, Performing Arts and Graphics for my GCSE choices.
8.I love shopping too much (especially Topshop)
9.I wear anything pretty if its got lace on Ill probably end up buying it!
10.My favourite songs are Chasing Cars by the Snow Patrol and also Skinny Love my Bon Iver.
11.I sleep in really late (oh Dear)
12. Oreos are amazing I love them alot
13.I have blonde hair and blue eyes
14.I love statement necklaces and really think they make an outfit
15.Im quite girly your more likely to see me in a skirt or dress than in shorts or jeans
16.In winter I live in leggings, jumpers and boots
17.I dont like hot chocolate
18.I always order a Mango and Passionfruit Cooler from Costa or Starbucks
19.Lush is great everything is great
20.Im slowly building up my make-up collection
21.I love my converses and Doc Martins
22.I own four mascaras (I probably dont need that many)
23.I make cupcakes too much
24. I love baking
25.Im going to be in the production, Annie
26.Im currently taking my GCSE's
27.I'm afraid of failing
28.My favourite colours are pastel blue and mint green
29.I have a lot of half brothers and sisters but none are my full
30.Im kind of obsessed with Disney films
31.When I love a book I LOVE a book
32. Ive probably read over a 100 books
33.My feet are a size 6 and half (difficult)
34.I live near the sea which I love
35.Pop tarts are incredible
36.My hair is crazy curly naturally like crazy
37.I always try to put others first
38. I love the hunger games at the moment
39.When I love a film I watch it over and over
40.Im so jealous of style  just her
41.I want to be a performing arts teacher when Im older
42. Ive swum with dolphins which was a great experience
43. I have cat and a rabbit
44.I love my bedroom
45. I would love to start my own Youtube channel
46. I'm so rubbish at accents its unbelievable
47.I love Harry Potter alot
48.And Twilight
49. I would love super long hair
50.I want you all to enjoy my blog as much as I enjoy writing them

I hope you enjoyed and Thank You for reading!:)
Olivia x

Thursday, 6 June 2013

visiting belgium

Hiya again:),

I thought I would write a little post today, as Im currently revising for exams and am super busy,however I wanted to write a blog post so here I am! I know that everyone in England craves a bit of sunshine (as we seem to lack this) and also look forward to having time off. During the May holidays, Me and family went to Belgium, Brouge to be exact. It was such a beautiful little quaint town which was a nice trip away to be able to spend time with my family.

Heres one of the little streets we travelled down. The flowers were so pretty I just had to take a picture of them!
and obviously I had to try some waffles. Everytime I think of waffles I keep thinking of donkey from Shrek anyone else remember that? No probably just me. Anyways the waffles were amazing and incredible. (I think I went over the top abit with the effects, but I was experimenting)

And Finally although I didnt pick anything up from Belgium (suprisingly) I did whilst in France on the way home pick up a very famous cult beauty product that I've wanted to try for ages and I am happy I finally got to pick up bioderma.

Thanks for reading,
Olivia x

Saturday, 1 June 2013

brushes, mascara and blusher | may favourites

Hiya again,

Although I'm not going to be doing a montly favourites everyone month there was some products which I have enjoyed over the last couple of months which I wanted to share with you as I have been absolutely loving them.

Here are the products:

1) Bourjois Dissolvant miraculeux 1 second nail varnish remover

When reading reviews for this product it seemed very hit or miss. Some people seemed to really enjoy it and some really didnt like, I usually read about things to death before buying just to check whether its worth the money. But Superdrug was on 3 for 2 so I guess I couldnt resist. I do not agree it takes one second however the process is great for those lazy people (like me) who would rather just leave your nail polish on until it comes of I recommend this! It takes off both glitter and normal nail varnish and all you have to do is stick your finger inside the rubber hole and turn it around and its magically gone!

This product retails for £4.99 at Superdrug
Click here for the website

2) Sleek blush by 3 blush palette in 'Lace'

Ive never owned something from sleek before and really wanted to try the blush,eye and brow palettes however they only had the blush palette so this is what I went for. I blame my friend Emma for this purchase deary me I didnt need it but it looked so lonely so I did.The colours are really pretty mixed together however work well on their own. Although Sleek do sell single blushes the palette was worth the money and you were recieving more product for paying a little bit extra. The colours would definietely be great for summer I especially love middle colour which is pinky with flecks of gold. The colours are extremely pigminted with a mixture of satin,matt and shimmer finishs. The coral shade is called 'Crochet' the pinky gold shade is called 'Guipure' and the pink shade is called 'Chantilly.'

This product retails for £9.99 in Superdrug unfortunately Sleek products arent sold in Boots.
Click here for the website

3) Benefit They're Real Mascara

I have really wanted this mascara for a long time but I just couldnt justify spending £19.50 on a mascara. However when I say 'Elle' had brought out a mini version free with their June edition I had to buy it (of course to read the magazine as well) although I didnt really need any more mascaras I'm so glad I bought it and agree its as good as everyone says it is. The thick brush definetely volumizes and lengthens lashes. I cant really make an opinion on the curl as my lashes have a natural curl anyway but I will be being the bigger version when this one runs out.

This product retails for £19.50
Click here for the website

4) And Finally The Real Technique Brushes. 'The Core Collection'
Ive been wanting these brushes for ages and I know they are loved by everyone. I dont know one person who hasnt enjoyed using these brushes although I havent had these brushes long I am one of many who love these brushes. In the core collection you recieve the Detailer Brush, Pointed Foundation Brush,The Buffing Brush and The Contour Brush. You also recieve a panoramic case which is good for travelling or if you want to stand them on your dressing table. I think at first £21.99 can seem quite pricey especially for those who are new to brushes however I definitely think the price is a good investment as that works out about £5 or £6 a brush. The brushes are synthetic which I prefer as the hairs dont molt all over your face and the hairs are very soft. I recommend these brushes for anyone and everyone I will definietely be getting some more in the future!

This product retails for £21.99
Click here for the website
thanks for reading:)
Olivia x