Saturday, 8 June 2013

50 Random Facts

Hello my dears:),
I thought I'd do well a little Tag (well a big tag) in order to tell you a little bit more about me and I really enjoy creating these sort of posts. I will be creating another within the next couple of days. My friend Emma has a blog which is go check it out! She has also done this post and is so lovely. So here I go with the 50 random facts Tag. I Tag everyone!

1. I really hate Jeans
2.I love Lipton ice tea (especially the peach flavour)
3.I go through stages of liking different chocolate bars (strange I know)
4.Dominoes is incredible however I order something really strange
5.I've been playing the piano for two years and adore playing. Such a beautiful instrument and am currently taking my Grade 2.
6.I would love to play the guitar
7.I took Art, Performing Arts and Graphics for my GCSE choices.
8.I love shopping too much (especially Topshop)
9.I wear anything pretty if its got lace on Ill probably end up buying it!
10.My favourite songs are Chasing Cars by the Snow Patrol and also Skinny Love my Bon Iver.
11.I sleep in really late (oh Dear)
12. Oreos are amazing I love them alot
13.I have blonde hair and blue eyes
14.I love statement necklaces and really think they make an outfit
15.Im quite girly your more likely to see me in a skirt or dress than in shorts or jeans
16.In winter I live in leggings, jumpers and boots
17.I dont like hot chocolate
18.I always order a Mango and Passionfruit Cooler from Costa or Starbucks
19.Lush is great everything is great
20.Im slowly building up my make-up collection
21.I love my converses and Doc Martins
22.I own four mascaras (I probably dont need that many)
23.I make cupcakes too much
24. I love baking
25.Im going to be in the production, Annie
26.Im currently taking my GCSE's
27.I'm afraid of failing
28.My favourite colours are pastel blue and mint green
29.I have a lot of half brothers and sisters but none are my full
30.Im kind of obsessed with Disney films
31.When I love a book I LOVE a book
32. Ive probably read over a 100 books
33.My feet are a size 6 and half (difficult)
34.I live near the sea which I love
35.Pop tarts are incredible
36.My hair is crazy curly naturally like crazy
37.I always try to put others first
38. I love the hunger games at the moment
39.When I love a film I watch it over and over
40.Im so jealous of style  just her
41.I want to be a performing arts teacher when Im older
42. Ive swum with dolphins which was a great experience
43. I have cat and a rabbit
44.I love my bedroom
45. I would love to start my own Youtube channel
46. I'm so rubbish at accents its unbelievable
47.I love Harry Potter alot
48.And Twilight
49. I would love super long hair
50.I want you all to enjoy my blog as much as I enjoy writing them

I hope you enjoyed and Thank You for reading!:)
Olivia x


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  2. Hiya:) thank you ever so much means alot:) and definietely happy to follow each other:) and will check out your blog!:) and thank you too!:)xx