Monday, 10 June 2013

The Weekend

Hiya guys:),

I thought I would do a post about what I did at the weekend. I love weekends as it gives me a chance to recover from the week (I'm constantly tierd) like any other teenager the weekends are precious and fridays dont come quick enough. Although I had to go to school in the morning for science revision which wasnt fun but besides this I managed to cram a couple of things into the weekend.

I was with my friend Emma whos blog is we wrote another post together which is my last post if your interested in reading it. We wanted to make brownies as I've tried her brownies before and they incredible and I have some pictures I'm sorry if your about to drool.

They were quite simple to make and tasted amazing just so oreos,cookie mix and brownie mix I definitely recommend. I also thought I would do a little face of the day to share with you some of the products I used over the weekend.

The products on the left are my face products and the ones on the right are the products I used on my eyes.

1)I used the blush palette by Sleek in Lace. I wrote about this in my May Favourites post. The colours are so pretty and I used the middle shade and applied with the Real Techniques Blush brush. You really dont need much on your brush as the pigmentation is soo good especially as the palette was only £9.99. However you can build the shades if you wish the colours mixed together are also very pretty

2)I used the Stay Matte Rimmel Power in 'Peachy Glow.' I find it quite hard when picking powders as I find they look all very similar in shades especially the transeculent compared the normal powders. Especially as you left alone it was a complete guess buying this however it still works great it leaves a lovely finish and I can tell it makes my foundation last longer which can make an impact especially if I have a long day at school. This product retails for around £3.99.

3) I used the Bourjois healthy mix foundation which is a foundation I've for a couple of months now. The product is great for those who possibly dont really want a heavy coverage and just would like to cover up a couple of spots however is a buildable foundation. At £10.99 its one of the more expensive drugstore foundations although I would probably buy this product again there are some high end foundations I would like to try. As anyone got an recommendations for a light skin tone. My skin isnt neccesary oily or dry so these factors dont really affect whether I buy a foundation or not.

4)And finally for a highlight I used Mac's Mineralise Skinfinish in 'Soft and gentle' this product is ever so pretty. I always ask Emma whether I can borrow this when I'm with her as I dont own this product (sad times) however this will be mine and one I recommend to everyone. At £21.50 this may seem expensive however you dont need much product its bound to last you a long time.


1) Firstly I used the Maybelline colour tattoo in 'On and on bronze' I love this colour and find its so good especially as I'm lazy with eye shadow and not very inventive however I find these cream shadows are perfect all over the lid and bring out the colour in anyones eyes. For £4.99 I will definitely by adding more to my collection!

2) Secondly I used the 'Heaven and Earth' palette by MUA for £4.00 this product is literally like a giveaway. The pigmentation isnt incredible however for 12 shades you cant exactly complain. I find with eye shadow palette its so easy as you create a whole different range of eye looks from day time to night time without having to fork out to buy a MAC palette if you cant exactly afford it. Also any of you who are dying for the Naked or Naked 2 palette get this whilst your waiting a great dupe!

3) I used the 'They're Real' by Benefit. This mascara is amazing I also wrote about this mascara in my May favourites if your interested in hearing more about this product. It retails for £19.50

4) And Finally I used a comb to seperate out my eyelashes its not anything specially however I hate the 'Spider look' with eyelashes I know some people love this which is fine however I like to make sure mine are fanned out so this helps to seperate the lashes but not take off the mascara. (I got this a while ago from Primark so probably not avaliable any more Sorry)

Thank You for Reading. If you there is anything you would like me to do a full review on please comment below and I will try to write a review of.
Ok Bye-Bye my lovies:)
Olivia x


  1. That was amazing,great post deary :)x x

  2. Hi i've nominated you for the Liebster award!

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  3. Thank you that's really sweet:)

    And I will do:)!x

  4. Looks so delish! I love the look of the palette-it has some great colours :)


  5. It was lovely:) and I definitely recommend them!:)x

  6. love the shades of that palette, really pretty;)X

  7. Definitely agree that's what drew me towards it I guess:)x