Thursday, 1 August 2013

Deep•Ocean deep

Hiya my lovies,

Today I thought I would use this post In order to blab- so basically drone on- a bit so if you don't like cheesy things and hate long posts I would probably stop reading about now.

I think it's really important to always remember why you started a blog, why do you continue to do it? What you gain from it? And remembering to keep going even if you feel as if nobody is reading I may never have 100 followers or 1000 but that's not important. This space is something I created in order to get my thoughts down and look back. To see how much confidence and experience I have gained through creating posts and possibly even talking to new people.


This week I have had the opportunity to go to London twice.I live in the South East of England so I  only really venture up to London, three or four times a year. This week I visited the anniversary Olympic Games where I got to see some of the Paralympic stars compete in track and field events. I think I was one of many who really enjoyed the games. Seeing England winning its first gold in the rowing and of course seeing the Olympics in our own country is a once in a life time opportunity. I remember my mum saying to me the games were going to be held in our country and I thought wow and about how old I was going to be when the Olympics came, 14 sounded like a big age then. Now I looking back, I really enjoyed the Olympics I was sad as I didn't actually go to see the games. The Paralympic stars are so inspiring to think about the fact that some of them have lost limbs and have the ability to compete in races probably faster than I could. They are complete inspirations and have changed my opinion and made sure I don't take things for granted.

Secondly I got to see Mamma Mia at the theatre for the second time. I absolutely love going to the theatre and would rather go to see a musical then go to a concert (sorry that may be shocking) but I'm so passionate about performing I'd love to be part of the industry even If I was to teach performing arts I would still be doing what I loved. I've gone to see musicals ever since I was little and I have seem a range from the Wizard of Oz,Wicked, Billy Elliot, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Mary Poppins and so many more. I feel extremely privileged. Your probably wondering why I like it so much? But I think as a child I was one of those kids who loved Disney. Musicals are like a dream world, imagine waking up and just singing all day long no quarries about money and work ( yes as cheesy as that sounds) I like cheese its a way to escape the pressures of real life it just seems perfect to me, how unrealistic the situation the better. I do take performing arts at school, I'm not the most amazing performer ever but I'm still learning. If anyone themselves as performed in shows you'll understand that its like being part of a big family I miss Annie which I was in earlier this year. I miss having rehearsals every week, I miss all the people but you just have to move on and do the next thing as that's how things work. I know I've always wanted do to something creative, I must admit I'm not terrible at academic subjects and people always ask me why I don't choose to do it ( I don't mean to make that sound big headed) but I just find it fun. I'm not sporty at all, but I love being creative. I play the piano, I love to draw and I love performing its where I find I'm most at home.

I don't want to be stuck in an office job sitting answering the phone or working in a factory I want to do what I love. I know it's important to earn enough money to pay the bills and for food but I would put happiness over having lots of luxuries because you could ask yourself that question. Would you rather be rich and extremely unhappy or the poorest person in the world but also the happiest. I know that's extreme but its important to find a happy medium. Yes I like buying clothes and make up like every other teenage girl but that doesn't mean I'm materialistic it's part of being creative, expressing who I am.

On a final note I would just like to say if anyone has got this far,  be yourself  its so important ( so cheesy) but follow your dreams do what you love who cares If you mess up? That's the fun of it life's too short to worry about the small things. Thank you for reading I promise I won't drone on like this again I thought I would write this so I can look back and see whether I've kept on with what I said.
Olivia x



  1. Cute post! I can identify with you on a lot of things especially being a new blogger. Following now :)

    1. Thank you!:) it's really lovely to hear about people reading my blog posts:) and than you for the follow:)x

  2. Lovely blog post :)