Saturday, 1 June 2013

brushes, mascara and blusher | may favourites

Hiya again,

Although I'm not going to be doing a montly favourites everyone month there was some products which I have enjoyed over the last couple of months which I wanted to share with you as I have been absolutely loving them.

Here are the products:

1) Bourjois Dissolvant miraculeux 1 second nail varnish remover

When reading reviews for this product it seemed very hit or miss. Some people seemed to really enjoy it and some really didnt like, I usually read about things to death before buying just to check whether its worth the money. But Superdrug was on 3 for 2 so I guess I couldnt resist. I do not agree it takes one second however the process is great for those lazy people (like me) who would rather just leave your nail polish on until it comes of I recommend this! It takes off both glitter and normal nail varnish and all you have to do is stick your finger inside the rubber hole and turn it around and its magically gone!

This product retails for £4.99 at Superdrug
Click here for the website

2) Sleek blush by 3 blush palette in 'Lace'

Ive never owned something from sleek before and really wanted to try the blush,eye and brow palettes however they only had the blush palette so this is what I went for. I blame my friend Emma for this purchase deary me I didnt need it but it looked so lonely so I did.The colours are really pretty mixed together however work well on their own. Although Sleek do sell single blushes the palette was worth the money and you were recieving more product for paying a little bit extra. The colours would definietely be great for summer I especially love middle colour which is pinky with flecks of gold. The colours are extremely pigminted with a mixture of satin,matt and shimmer finishs. The coral shade is called 'Crochet' the pinky gold shade is called 'Guipure' and the pink shade is called 'Chantilly.'

This product retails for £9.99 in Superdrug unfortunately Sleek products arent sold in Boots.
Click here for the website

3) Benefit They're Real Mascara

I have really wanted this mascara for a long time but I just couldnt justify spending £19.50 on a mascara. However when I say 'Elle' had brought out a mini version free with their June edition I had to buy it (of course to read the magazine as well) although I didnt really need any more mascaras I'm so glad I bought it and agree its as good as everyone says it is. The thick brush definetely volumizes and lengthens lashes. I cant really make an opinion on the curl as my lashes have a natural curl anyway but I will be being the bigger version when this one runs out.

This product retails for £19.50
Click here for the website

4) And Finally The Real Technique Brushes. 'The Core Collection'
Ive been wanting these brushes for ages and I know they are loved by everyone. I dont know one person who hasnt enjoyed using these brushes although I havent had these brushes long I am one of many who love these brushes. In the core collection you recieve the Detailer Brush, Pointed Foundation Brush,The Buffing Brush and The Contour Brush. You also recieve a panoramic case which is good for travelling or if you want to stand them on your dressing table. I think at first £21.99 can seem quite pricey especially for those who are new to brushes however I definitely think the price is a good investment as that works out about £5 or £6 a brush. The brushes are synthetic which I prefer as the hairs dont molt all over your face and the hairs are very soft. I recommend these brushes for anyone and everyone I will definietely be getting some more in the future!

This product retails for £21.99
Click here for the website
thanks for reading:)
Olivia x


  1. Love the Benefit mascara! One of my favourites!

    Hope you'll check out my blog too :)


  2. I got a free benefit mascara from sephora for my birthday last month and i'm loving it more than i thought i would! i've been wanting to try the real technique brushes for so long! xx

    Daphne/Peanut Butter and Chocolate Life

  3. Yeah definitely a great mascara:) And you have to buy the brushes they are amazing and such a good investment I will definitely buy some more!

  4. Would you recommend the nail polish remover? I'm contemplating whether to buy it or not, but urhh i'm just too lazy for normal nail polish remover hahaah x

  5. Definitely:)! I love this nail varnish remover and recommend it it's like a magic:) you wouldn't regret buying it!:) definietely just follow your blog:)x

  6. I love the brushes :) xxx

    1. I agree will definietely be getting some more:)x

  7. I love the blush palette colours! They look super cute(: Hopefully one day i'll learn how to apply them properly.. xx

  8. Yeah they are so pretty aren't they:) and you have to start somewhere:) I'm not an expert myself but I just tend to dive in and explore different make up whether I can use it or not:)