Sunday, 30 November 2014

100 things which make me happy #1

If you didn't know I have a list called 101 things in a 1001 days. You can find this H E R E
The post title is pretty self explanatory however if you hadn't guessed already it's a bucket list - of sorts - and on my list was to talk about 100 things which make me happy to increase my own positivity (sometimes it dips.) So here we go, it will be a little series and sometimes these things might be materialistic however you would be lieing to yourself if some of these didn't also bring you joy.

1# fairy lights
2# cheesecake (any type would suffice)
3# Chocolate dipped waffles with all the toppings and everything
4# Sparklers
5# Cosy Jumpers
6# The Vampire Diaries
7# Family
8# Christmas
9# Hot Chocolate
10# Buying other people presents