Friday, 21 February 2014

Naked 3 Palette First Impressions

I didn't need it but its difficult to walk past the Urban Decay stand let alone the whole of the beauty department in Debenhams. I didn't need this palette in any way shape or form as I already have the Basics and first Naked palette, I think I have officially exceeded my limits with eye shadows but that will not stop me. I had never been wowed by the Naked 2 palette so I was over the moon to see a new release around Christmas time however I waited patiently until I could finally get hold of this beauty. This won't be a review as such as I have barely had it five minutes however I can say I am already in love. Like always Urban Decay are spot on with their shades and packaging, this palette has my name all over it.

Each of the Naked palettes come with twelve shades besides the basics which comes with a compact six shades. You can read a review here. Although these palettes may seem expensive for £37, compared to the likes of Mac and Nars eye shadows this palette is a great investment. The Naked one palette has a range of warm toned shades, the Naked two palette has a range of cool toned shades and the Naked three a range of pink toned shades. I am glad they took a different route with this third installment, although the shades are still natural its different from your usual brown or champagne colour. I really have no negatives about this palette so far, the shades are beautiful, buttery and slide onto the lid so easily. I can't wait to use these shades over the Spring and Summer months.

The palette also comes with a doubled ended shadow and blending brush which is definitely a step up from the brush given in the first Naked palette. Not only do I love the quality of this brush and find it usable, I also love the rose gold packaging and the fact you can see the colour build up on the brush- I don't like black make up brushes. 
Strange- A very light pink (matte shade)- a very pigmented shade perfect for highlighting the brow bone and inner corners- I think prefer Virgin though. 
Dust - Light metallic pink (metallic) - This shade is definitely the most beautiful out of the palette however I am a little worried about how this will apply as its so glittery I think I will have to be aware of fallout. 
Burnout - A peachy pink (satin) - smooth, soft with great colour pay off.
Limit - Pale dusty rose (matte) - A beautiful sophisticated shade. Could be used as a gentle wash of colour all over the lid. 
Buzz - A light rose gold (metallic) - silky soft with brilliant colour pay off so the glitter doesn't seem as intense as Dust so probably a easy out the door shade. 
Trick - Warm pink peach (metallic) - a beautiful shade perfect for a night or perhaps just all over the lid during the day time. 
Nooner - Medium pink brown (matte) - I have no clue what Nooner means but besides that factor this is a beautiful matte shade which has great pigmentation and could be applied to the crease or outer v. 
Liar - Cool toned rose gold (metallic) 

Factory - Light toned mauve (shimmer) - Similar to Liar, a less intense shade perfect for the crease. 
Mugshot - Metallic taupe (metallic) - This shade is silky and soft however I am not keen on grey and taupe shades so this is a colour unfortunately which will stay unloved. 
Darkside - Deepest taupe (matte) - Perhaps not as pigmented as the other matte shades within the palette however beautiful never the less. 
Blackheart - Almost black with red glitter accents (glitter) - Suprisingly I absoutley adore this a great alternative to a usual black shade. I love applying this to the outer corner of my eye and blending with a shadow brush. 
The palette also comes with four primer potions in formulas: Anti Aging, Eden, Original and Sin. Sin has a shimmery bronze formula, Eden has a nude matte formula and of course the other two are pretty explicitly explained by their names. 

So sorry to compile another Naked 3 palette review however I love reading these especially as some people like the advice on which palette to get. I recommend this one out of the three, definitely my favourite. Do you own this or plan to buy it soon?

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  1. I think the Naked 3 palette looks gorgeous- shame it is a little pricey, but as you said, it's good value in the sense that £37 would only buy you 2 MAC eyeshadows!

    Sharlotte | UK Beauty Blog

    1. It's beautiful!:) and definitely I do wish they were a little cheaper though:)x

  2. I can't seem to find this palette anywhere! I love the colours, even the packaging of it is so nice!

    1. I know I seemed to think it was a dream as I could only see pictures of it on blogs and youtube!:) but I finally managed to buy it in the flesh!:) haha x its so beautiful x

  3. All the colours are so pretty! A worthwhile investment, in my opinion! xo


    1. definitely agree with you there:)xx

  4. I've heard so much about all of the Naked Palettes but I'm not one for eyeshadow at all. I'm more of a lipstick girl! Which of the three do you think is the best to buy? xx
    Chloe @ The Little Plum UK Fashion Blog

    1. I would definitely go for the first Naked palette especially if your not confident with eyeshadows as the colours are safe but classic and beautiful neutrals!:) I have only really got into eyeshadows recently so definitely want to experiment with lipsticks more xx

  5. This palette is so pretty, I just don't think I'd wear the shades enough to warrant the £37. I love Urban Decay Naked 1 palette though, it's so gorgeous xx
    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. They are beautiful aren't they?:) yes I wish it wasn't so expensive but it was one of those life is too short moments haha x