Friday, 5 September 2014

Lewes // lunch at Bills

So a week or two ago, me and friend Gabby were trying to come up with things to do, we usually always go to the same places and do the same things. We originally wanted to go to Rye but hey-ho we ended up in Lewes as I knew about Bills.

Lewes is an absolutely beautiful small town filled with quirky little shops *which were closed because it was Sunday unfornately* and of course Bills! If you weren't aware Bills is a restaurant which serves really good and healthy foods (you basically know what you're eating for a change!) It was a little expensive I must admit, but worth ever damn penny, this was probably the best meal I had ever eaten out. I think me and Gabby both agreed that we wanted another as soon as we had finished- even though it was so filling! The portions were perfect and I loved this spontaneous little day out it was so nice for a change!
(sorry my photos aren't the best, but I had to use my iPhone as a stand in for my camera)


  1. That burger looks so tasty! I really want to go to Bills!


    1. You definitely should it's delicious!:)x