Monday, 8 September 2014

I have a thing for stationery // supplies haul

So I left School this year and started College today actually (it was a good first day but I can tell its going to be difficult.) After having twelve weeks off it was a tad of a struggle to get out of bed this morning! So in order to pick me up and feel a little more positive about College I went to Tesco to search out some stationary.

So I tried Staples, Whsmiths and didn't have any luck unfornately (I kind of have a thing for pretty stationery so I wanted to keep on looking) I then went to Tesco and saw these beauties. (The notebook, pencil case and planner) Three perfect essentials I'm going to need to keep organised, write down revision notes and keep my pencils and things all in one place.
- it worries me slightly that I got excited by stationery-




  1. I'm a bit of a geek when it comes to stationary - i love buying it so much!

    rosielouiselove | beauty blog

  2. I have so much stationary it's not even funny, need it for Uni though! Go through notebooks like there's no tomorrow xxx

    Blog This With Hannah