Friday, 1 August 2014

Vampire Diaries, Holidays and Jeans | July Faves

Naughty me for not posting! But I promise it will be a jam packed August where I am going to try and fit in as many posts as humanly possible. July was a busy and fun month but god did it go quickly! Where does the time go? I even started a new job which fingers crossed I enjoyed!

I went on holiday to Portugal for a week to a beautiful villa with family and friends. It was a lovely relaxing week soaking up the sun and eating too much salad and chicken! As usual I was so sad to leave! Also in the airport I picked up the new Daisy Dream perfume which is a new release I was itching to get my hands on (and as usual it lived up to the Marc Jacobs expectation.)

I also had my Prom which I wrote a post about. I thoroughly enjoyed Prom and would love to relive the experience (along with the lovely dresses and pretty nails.) If you are thinking about going to Prom please do because you wont regret it! I also found a new love for Jeans which I never thought would happen! I currently have three pairs in my collection and can see there being more added- tut tut tut. Maybe white?

I also cant not mention my biggest obsessions of the month. Arctic Monkeys- a band I thought I would never be interested in- and The Vampire Diaries. I have really enjoyed Arctic Monkeys music especially 'Do I Wanna Know?' and they are extremely good musicians. Last but not least is The Vampire Diaries. Oh dear, I could drone on about my obsession with Damon and Elena but I think I would bore you! I just reached the Season 5 finale and I don't think I can wait till October seeing as I sobbed at the ending. It beats every other TV show I have watched and would recommend anyone to watch it! The story lines are clever and if you haven't guessed already it includes vampires, werewolves and witches! (have I persuaded you yet? I hope so)

Are you excited for August, any holidays planned?

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  1. Lovely post!
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    1. Thank you:)! I will go and have a look x

  2. The Vampire Diaries is amazing show! Absolutely looove it - Team Delena :)

    Maybe follow each other on bloglovin? I always follow back :)

    1. Definitely the best show and team delena!:) haha yes definitely!x