Friday, 18 July 2014


I had my Prom last week which surprisingly I really enjoyed. Sorry this post is a little-late! On the day I got my hair done (which was a tad of a disaster) however we managed to sort it out and I was happy with the end result. I also did my own nails and make up to keep things the way I wanted them and also its cheaper! My dress was a beautiful aubergine colour which I never thought would suit me but did.
I never thought I would enjoy Prom and almost expected it to be disappointing. However it was a lovely night to spend with my friends saying goodbye to High School. We even had a lovely meal and there were awards given and music towards the end! People danced (and I might have to!)
I'm really glad I chose to go to Prom and I will look fondly on all the pictures and memories from this night. What was your prom like?

(Instagram- oliviatowner if you want to see any more pictures)


  1. We don't have prom in Spain, which sucks a little. You looked so pretty in the photo! I always wanted a prom and this kind of posts make me so jealous!

    xx, Be || lovefrombe

    1. Thank you! It was an amazing experience and its such a shame they don't have prom in Spain but I think Prom is still quite an American tradition:(xx

  2. You looked stunning livs! Glad you had such a good time! :)

  3. You look gorgeous! Sounds like a great prom :) xx

  4. Thank you!:) it was so nice wish I could relive it xx