Monday, 18 August 2014

Solar Powder - Soap and Glory

Soap and Glory is a brand that really intrigues me, no idea why! But they are so well known for the body and bath essentials I haven't really paid much attention to the make-up. This little bronzer however came to my notice when sooooo many people started raving about it. I just had to buy it.  The Solar Powder is a duo bronzer (one side being matte and the other a slight shimmer) which can be used for the perfect sun kissed look.
I do really like this bronzer it isn't too muddy or too pale either. It does work perfectly which is all a gal needs, however it doesn't wow me. You know when you want a product to work wonders and you expect a lot, well I wasn't overwhelmed. Yes, it did work but it didn't make me jump off my seat in excitement as if I'd found the new wonder product! Will I buy it again? Probably but was it the perfect bronzer? Probably not. (Aside from that little negative) I do really enjoy using this product and hey maybe I'll like it the more I use it!
(I also really like the packaging, something about it reminds me of Benefit!) Are you interested in getting this bronzer? 
a little link' here
pigmentation// 4.5/5
packaging// 4.5// 5
wow factor// 3.5//5



  1. I looked at this the other day in Boots, would you say it is a natural bronzer? Really curious about it xxx

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    1. It is a natural bronzer if that's what your looking for this will be perfect:)x

  2. I really like soap and glory powder products and this one looks lovely! Also like how it has two different coloured bronzers as they'd be great for contouring :) <3


    1. It does doesn't it!:) one side you can even use for a highlighter so it's multiple products in one!:)xxx

  3. I love the S&G make up line. cute and quirky packaging with great quality products :)