Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Stila in the Light Palette

Sorry I have been a little MIA recently- I give myself a little slap on the wrist- I literally have not had time, with school and I'm currently in the middle of redecorating my room, things are becoming hectic and a little bit stressed. So I find it can be super calming to take a couple of minutes hours to sit down read blogs and watch youtube. Unfortunately sometimes these 'breaks' turn into hours and I can find myself looking at make up collections and repeats of videos I have already watched. Longest intro ever,ok I'm done now, on with the post. 

So like I had mentioned in a haul I had written in August, I spoke about how I originally planned to get the Naked palette sadly it wasn't it stock. However with much convincing from Ems, I chose to buy the Stila in the light Palette, my reasoning is 1) I wanted it anyway 2)It was cheaper than the Naked palette and 3)This would be the only opportunity, for a while before I would be near a Stila counter again. I would say personally these were great reasons excuses. 

The first thing I adore about this palette is the choice of colours. I am a massive fan of neutrals and this palette pretty much ticks all the boxes, the only shade- similar to the Naked palette- which I don't think I will particularly be using a lot is 'Night Sky' as I have blue eyes and I think this may a clash. The palette comes with four matte shades and six shimmer shades. I think the shimmery shades are very creamy and pigmented whereas I just felt as if the matte shades lacked the same sort of quality. However I have noticed the more I have been using them, the more pigmented they have become.  Essentially even if there are shades in the palette which aren't exactly the greatest quality compared to others, you're still getting your moneys worth. The palette is priced at £25 however to buy a single shade it costs £13. So in the palette you're making a £10.50 profit on EACH shade, now I say that is definitely worth the money. 

Also with the palette comes a Stila Smudge Stick in 'Damsel' which is a muddy brown colour, which I find is a lot more of a complementing colours compared to harsh blacks. The quality of the smudge stick is amazing. The liners are super pigmented, and really do not SMUDGE or rub off after application. I would even say if you were interested in picking up the smudge stick just buy the palette, you're paying an extra £11 for the smudge stick and ten beautiful eyeshadow colours. You can create such beautiful looks if this palette, especially using Bare, Bliss and Kitten which work particularly well together. I should also mention that the palette comes with a little booklet which tells you some of the eyelooks you can create with a step by step guide, which I find can be so helpful especially if I am lacking inspiration. 

I adore this palette so please please go pick this up, you will not regret it. I certainly don't:)

Thank you for reading:),
Olivia x


  1. I've wanted this palette for ages, 'Sunset' looks gorgeous! x

    1. Definitely worth getting my favourite from the palette is definitely kitten:)x

  2. This looks beautiful. I own all three naked palettes - 1, 2 and basics - and i still want to get my hands on this, the shades are gorgeous! xx

  3. I think we are in opposite situations dying to get my hands on the naked 1,2 and basics. This is such a beautiful you really will not regret it!:)xx

  4. Such a beautiful palette, I own two of the naked palettes and an extra one of the second one (Emergency makeup needed for weekend in London!) this looks pretty good for a cheaper version!

    Bubbly has to be my favourite!

  5. The naked palettes look b-e-a-utiful . Yes it's definitely a good cheaper version, Bubbly goes well with gilded gold such a beautiful colours for brightening up your eyes:)x

  6. we've had our eye on this palete for a while! it looks gorgeous and like you, we prefer our neutrals. You've convinced us, we have to put this on our to buy list!

  7. I'm glad I've convinced you, you won't regret it:)x