Wednesday, 2 October 2013

America Beauty Haul

Well Hiya my lovies,

So I didn't actually visit America- shame- but luckily my parents actually did. So as every beauty blogger does, I wrote my mum a big long list of beauty products you can't get here in the UK. My mum did a very good job, as she knows how much I love make up and she doesn't love it as much as I do. So unfortunately we don't have a collection of brands including: wet and wild, cover girl, NYX and EOS. However we are blessed with having Sleek, MUA and Max Factor which the United States don't have so you could look at the situation from either way, ok so on with the haul,

 Strawberry Sorbet, Sweet Mint
So these little egg lip balms are of course a gimmick, however I think ever British girl wants to get their hands on one. I believe you can buy them in sets on Amazon for a non-ridiculous price. In London they can charge £14 and in America they are two or three dollars it just seems a bit silly to me. They aren't the greatest I must admit, however I find the strawberry flavour to be much more moisturizing than the mint.
 Next is the NYC bronzer in 'Sunny' yes we do have NYC in the UK, but for some strange reason this isn't sold within the range. Some lucky people they have been able to find it in poundlands or perhaps online, but I have been very patient to wait to get hold of this badboy. Oh my golly wolly its o-mazing, I was really worried about the colour being too orange, but it was fine. If you live in America, go pick this up you lucky kids!

 Of course I had to ask for the infamous wet 'n' wild palettes in 'Sweet as Candy' and 'Walking on Eggshells' I can't believe how pigmented they are for such a small price. Overall I prefer walking on eggshells, I just like the colours and find they work nicely together. I also find the idea of labelling each section, to be really helpful especially for those who are starting out in make-up. 
 WHY DON'T WE HAVE THIS SHADE IN THE UK?! Did you see the capitals I used here, this colour is an incredible champagne colour from the color tattoo range from Maybelline. Some of the shades we have here are quite odd, and we don't have anything like this I can find the shades are limited. I'm a neutral girl all the way- and I don't plan to venture with colour any time soon I don't see a purple or blue suiting me.
And Lastly some lip products, as you are aware Baby Lips have just come to the UK however we don't have the neon shades. So as I was originally going to ask for the basic range, I thought I would ask for this instead. Also the Maybelline color whispers, similar to the Revlon Lip Butters which are available here. Im not one for bright shades, I like just a sheer pop of colour and I'm good to go.
Overall I'm pleased and very thankful for my mum for getting these goodies. 

Thank you for reading,
Olivia x


  1. I have wanted to try the walking on eggshells palette for ages - such a shame they aren't sold in the UK! I am desperate to go to America to pick up some beauty bits!
    Becky xx | Becky's Beauty Obsession

  2. It's such a beautiful palette the pigmentation is just as good as other high end brands:) Im intrigued by the idea of swaps but I think they might be too expensive:)c

  3. So lucky, wish we could get this stuff in the UK!
    Great blog, followed via GFC x

    1. I really wish this stuff was sold in the UK too. Its all so so pretty:) and thank you will go and check out your blog:)x