Saturday, 3 May 2014

thinking pink- beauty buys


I think there is some sort of theme going on here? I love pink make up products: pink eyeshadows, pink blushers, pink lipsticks and the list goes on. Why do I like pinks so much? Well not only are they the most flattering, they also suit me the most (or that I'm scared of reds and purples!) I can't tell you how long I've wanted a YSL lipstick! They are beautiful, luxurious and classy. The only thing is that they are quite very expensive. I think I might regret this purchase for a little...
I also wanted to pick up something from NYX seeing as the closest one is an hour and a half away. I picked up the shade 'Angel' which is compared to the Estee Lauder blush in Tease which came out last Summer (I really regret not getting my hands on that)

(I'm trying a new theme, what do you think? I would love your opinions, I am trying to find a niche as I am simply not happy with my blog at the moment! Which is half the reason why I haven't been uploading- apart from Exams of course)
Thank you for reading,
Olivia x


  1. Wow I really like the NYX shade.
    And lipstick looks gorgeous as well :)

  2. Such pretty colours :)

  3. Pink is such a versatile colour, and it looks good on everyone! Also the YSL lipstick looks amazing, the packaging is so fancy and shiny!

    Yige || Yet Another Makeup Blog.

  4. Those lipsticks though <3 oh wow.
    I'd appreciate it if you'd check out my own blog?