Sunday, 13 April 2014

editing blog photos

Something which I think is really important on a blog is making sure to have relatively good pictures. That doesn't mean you have to pay for a fancy Canon camera or for editing software like Photoshop. Having a DSLR is going to improve the quality of your photos and is worth the investment but they are expensive. There are simple ways to get around spending money. I am not in the slightest a expert and when I first started my blog I played around with using different effects to see what worked best for me. Zoella who I'm sure all of you know wrote a blog post talking about blog photography which you can find here. This is extremely helpful however I find it difficult to find blog posts which talk about simple and easy ways to edit their photos. I have experimented and found something which is free and makes your photos appear brighter and clearer. I take my blog pictures with the Canon EOS 1100D however when I first started blogging I just used my Iphone 4. 

This website is called Ribbet. ( its completely free and you don't even have to sign up if you don't want to. It comes with the usual fonts, collage and editing options. If you want access to all areas of the site you do need to pay for a membership but this isn't necessary for what I'm suggesting. In the Basic Edits section you will find 'Exposure' you can edit the 'Exposure' , 'Highlights' , 'Shadows' and 'Contrasts.' When editing my photos I usually tweak the Exposure, Highlights and Contrast. I raise the Contrast and Highlight slightly to usually 3 or 4. With the exposure I tend to raise it up until around 15 until I have the desired effect I want. 

The top two images are completely unedited and have no effects on them whereas I have edited the bottom two images. As you can see the intensity of brightness on the bottom left hand picture is more brighter than the right. This sort of effect is something which is used very often on Instagram where the exposure is quite high. I would more than likely chose the right hand picture as the picture is clearer and the exposure is much lower in comparison. I think editing photos can make such a difference to the way a photo can look. It can also make it appear so much more girly and appropriate to brighten up your blog. 

 Creating these effects are so simple and easy to replicate and I hope this helped with anyone who struggles or doesn't know how to edit photos!

Thank you for reading,
Olivia x


  1. This is such a great post! I really can't seem to get the hang of editing pictures but I'm going to try doing the tweeks you do and see how I get on! Thank you! xx

    1. Its ok!:) I hope I helped in some way or another!x

  2. Wow amazing! I just love the difference in the photos and the lightness makes it so pretty I need to try this software out, its also nice its free! :) xxx
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    1. Thank you!:) I love how much of a difference it makes!:)xx