Sunday, 24 November 2013

Sleek Face Contour Kit Review

On a recent trip to Boots I noticed a Sleek stand in amongst the other make up brands. I'm only used to seeing Sleek in Superdrug so I guess its moved over to Boots, which I am not surprised about. I was actually really happy to see it especially as in Superdrug they no longer sell the Face Contour Kit, however instead the Face Form kit which comes with a blusher as well luckily Boots had the Face Contour Kit in Light and Dark shades. I had wanted to get this for a long time, so it was a combination of the 3 for 2 deal being on and seeing Sleek in Boots for the first time that made me want to grab it before they discontinued it or something along those lines. Especially as I have found out they have discontinued the Estee Lauder Eye shadows Duos, I regret not picking up Raisins when I could have.

The Sleek Contour Kit retails for £6.49 and comes in the shades: 'Light', 'Medium' and 'Dark' which essentially covers all skin tones. The palette is compacted within Sleek's typical black matte packaging, which always looks 'Sleek' and professional. Unfortunately it will not stay like this for long, the product starts to become messy and dirty straight away - its not really avoidable. You receive 14g of product which is a large amount, especially considering the Mac Mineralize Skin finishes usually have around 10g of product. I would always recommend Sleek for eyeshadows, blushers and bronzers, not only are they extremely pigmented however they are also relatively cheap and compare to the likes of Mac and Nars.
The palette comes with a large bronzing powder - this can be used for contouring and bronzing. There is also a smaller highlighter which can be applied to the cupids bow, temples and cheekbones. I'm not particularly a big fan of this highlighter as I just find I have others which I prefer, however due to convenience I usually apply it when using the bronzer. I have heard many people comment on how the bronzer is far too dark, however I believe this may be down to the pigmentation. The product is so pigmented, if you over apply you are bound to resemble something which has rolled around in the mud. A light hand or Duo Fibre brush always works perfectly with Sleek products. The product also comes with a small handy mirror, which means you can use it to apply at home and on the go. Essentially you will not need to pack a separate mirror as you already have one- giving you more space in your handbag for other useless things which we know we don't need. 
 'A duo compact with a contour powder perfect for contouring cheekbones and a shimmer highlighter perfect for illuminating your face giving you that perfect flawless finish. .'
I would agree the product is perfect as a contour instead of a bronzer. As the product is more matte, it works perfectly to make the cheekbones appear more defined and slimmer. I originally applied bronzer with the Expert face Brush from Real Techniques however I did not feel as if it gave the precise application I wanted. Therefore I swapped over to the Contour Brush from Real Techniques and BOOM - magic. I feel as if this brush applies bronzer perfectly to my cheekbones. I wouldn't exactly say the same goes for the highlighter. Have you noticed in palettes how they put lots of effort and precision into some of the products while the others are there just to fill the gaps? Yes the highlighter does give the cheekbones an illuminated effect, but not in a way you would always want it to. I would say this product would work well in the corner of the eyes or on the brow bone to give the appearance your eyes are bigger. 

I would repurchase this however I don't feel as if I would need to repurchase this for a very long time, the product has longevity so you don't even need to reapply throughout the day. A perfect little compact to carry around when travelling, a definite happy purchase go grab this little kit you won't regret it.

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  1. I'm definitely going to have a look out for this when I'm shopping next!

  2. Looks like a lovely duo :) Would be even better if the highlighter was a bit more subtle :)

    1. I definitely agree it's very shimmery:)xx

  3. Hi, love the blog and you have a member here. Can't wait to read more of your posts x