Thursday, 14 November 2013

Autumn Fashion Haul

Sorry I have been a little MIA, a week feels like a long time to not post for. I would give you some sort of excuse but I don't particularly have one, I got a new computer? Anyways as Autumn is well and truly here I thought it was time to get some fashion bits and bobs. I actually bought a coat however I took these photographs before, and I'm really lacking effort today. Anyways as I was saying I have been spending a lot lately- which is bad I know- but you know everything all pretty and cosy at the moment you know you just can't help yourself. Plus I think I am practically in love with the Tartan trend. I have found so many clothes and scarfs I have loved with this pattern. 
Tartan Scarf Primark £5
I originally really wanted the scarf which was red based but with a variety of different colours in-which I will still get my hands on- however when looking in Primark I literally grabbed this when I saw it. I knew I really wanted a tartan scarf and do plan to add more to my collection, besides the obvious- they keep you warm- they really go with anything: dresses, jumpers, tops. skirts whatever works for you. I always like a scarf to be super long so I can tie and loop it, which this scarf gives the ability to do. It also has tassels at the end and is lovely and a warm. A new staple in my wardrobe.

Tartan Pyjama Bottoms Primark £6
I swear they put up the price every year. Of course when Winter comes around- cliché but- I have to go to Primark to grab some new PJ's, I still want to grab some woolly ones but these will do till then. I actually saw a shorts version which someone had posted on their blog, however I literally couldn't find them anywhere so I went for the long version instead. They are very comfy and cosy the only negative is, they aren't cuffed at the bottom but it really isn't too much of a big deal. I love getting Primark bottoms are they won't last a very long time so can be replaced when you fancy a new warm pair. Can you notice a theme in this haul- Tartan. If they did a scarf of this, I don't think I would be able to help myself.
Cable Knit Primark Jumper £14
I actually bought this in October however I know they still do this jumper. At first sight it looks like a typical cable knit jumper, however its literally the baggiest and comfiest jumper I own. I did opt for the size up, but I would say you could easily have your size or down if you like jumpers to be tighter. Its such a thick warm material, you would think it would come from Top shop and should cost A LOT more. I really would check out Primark's jumpers this year, as they really look lovely. I think I may go check out some more-they do more shades. I am not a snob when it comes to Primark, I love love love it and think there is nothing wrong paying half the price for a jumper which you would pay double for somewhere else- however I can't resist Top shop either. Great with leggings and boots, sorted and ready to go. 

Top shop Coral Jumper £38
I do realise above I did say I like finding jumpers for cheap prices however I can't resist Top shop either. I actually love Zoellas videos and have been watching them for a long time- so I kind of of fell in love with her jumper and kind of bought it. It's so warm and would look perfect paired with a blouse and high waisted jeans or leggings. I really adore Top shop, and it will always be my favourite shop- not only do they do good clothes but also make up too. I would suggest if you wanted to get this jumper, get this in the size up so its lovely and baggy. Also beware as the bottom of the jumper has a weird cut, however I like the way its different compared to other jumpers I own, its also a batwing too. I think it should be a trend bring Spring colours into Autumn- making a difference. 
Top shop Tartan Leggings £28
3 out of 5 items in this haul are Tartan, and I am not sorry. I originally wanted some tartan shorts however after seeing these alone in my size I literally grabbed them, tried them on and then bought them. Although they are very striking, its nice to have something a little bit daring in your wardrobe. Its nice to have a change from black leggings and skirts. I do love these, and they have little cuff turn ups at the end. These are great to pair with a plain top and a pair of converses and brogues with a pair of frilly socks. They are tight, I'm just a little worried they will become baggy which I find happens with most leggings. Is anybody else obsessed with tartan, because I think I am. Sorry these photos aren't the greatest however I didn't want to stick things on hangers, I may have a possible look book coming soon.
So anyways thank you for reading:), and comment below I'm excited for Christmas!
Livs x


  1. You got such lovely things! I love tartan as well, it just reminds me of Christmas and makes me so cheery!

    Ivy xx
    Style Life Lovely

    1. Aaww thank you:) it is very Christmassy I'm very excited this year:)xx

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you:) and I love tartan a lot too!:)x

  3. I love everything in this post. Also, I have to say, I've been scrolling through your blog and I LOVE your photos so much. You capture things perfectly.

    1. Thank you ever so much!:) that's so such a lovely thing to say that had literally made my day to receive such a lovely comment:)xox