Wednesday, 1 January 2014

101 Things in a 1,001 Days

So Happy New Year! I can't believe 2013 is over I feel as if have just got use to it and it's gone already. I thought instead of setting myself unreachable new year resolutions, I would write a realistic list of 101 things I would like to complete in 1,001 days.

Start Date: January 1st 2014
End Date: September 28th 2016

Not Finished 

1) Start a Youtube Channel
2) Advertise on someone else's Blog
3) Eat Fruit and Veg every day for a week
4) Make my Mum and Dad a Three Course Meal
5) Don't Eat Chocolate for 2 Weeks
6) Get 10 GCSE's A*-C (3 A*'s, 3 A's, 4 B's)
7) Order off the ELF Website
8) Go to the Cinema 10 times (10/10)
10) Reach 100 GFC followers (23rd June 2014) 
11) Possibly 150 Followers (106)
12) Read 30 books I have never read before (30/30)
13) Watch 50 films I have never seen before (50/50)
14) Do something out of my comfort zone (started my first proper new job)
15) Have a Harry Potter marathon 
16) Read a book in one day  (The Color Purple) 
17) Do a Beauty Swap
18) Hold a Giveaway
19) Visit Selfridges 
20) Make a list of 100 things which make me happy (20/100)
21) Watch the Lion King at the West End 
22) Buy a YSL lipstick 
23) Get my teeth whitened 
24) Sell all my unwanted clothes on Ebay
25) Have a blog sale
26) Buy a Custom Domain
27) Buy a Large Yankee Candle
28) Buy some Jeffrey Cambells 
29) Buy a Christmas Jumper
30) Get a job in which I enjoy
31) Save £500
32) Bake a Cake/Cupcakes for a friend
33) Finish a Mac Lipstick
34) Go to Go Ape
35) Start watching five new TV series (5/5)
Modern Family, The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Gossip Girl, teen wolf
36) Start letting others advertise on my blog
37) Make fudge
38) Still be Blogging in 1,001 days
39) Make/ Pay for a Professional Blog Layout
40) Visit America
41) Learn how to use Photoshop properly
42) Visit a Country I have never been to (Portugal July 2014)
43) Go to a Blogger Meet-up (23rd August 2014)
44) Have a Michael Kors Watch
45) Buy something from Chanel
46) Buy four things for my friends/ family for no reason at all (4/4)
47) Finish my Wreck this Journal
48) Buy a real Christmas Tree (2014)
49) Stop my Bad Habits
50) Make a Rainbow Cake
51) Make something from scratch (Frosted cookie bars)
52) Leave School feeling happy and making the right decision in terms of Colleges
53) Do well in my A-levels I got A in maths, B in media, B in English lit
54) Eat a whole Dominoes pizza to myself
55) Visit a Bath and Body Works
56) Go to TGI Fridays
57) Go to IMATS
58) Raise money for charity
59) Go to Winter Wonderland
60) Try and learn a new language (I am learning French August/September 2014) 
61) Identify 10 things I like about myself 
62) Get a Clarasonic 
63) Win something
64) Use my bike more
65) Write a letter to open at the end of the 1,001 days
66) Go to a Spa for the day
67) Watch a movie in the cinema at midnight
68) Blog everyday for a month 
69) Make a red velvet cake
70) Buy a Canon or DSLR
71) Create a savings account
72) Go to Prom (3rd July 2014)
73) Get into University
74) Say Yes more
75) Buy something from Etsy 
76) Try 10 products from Lush I have never tried before (3/10)
American cream, daddy-o, R&B
77) Kiss in the rain
78) Buy a Mac book
79) Try 10 new foods (9/10)
Crème Brulee, Frozen Yoghurt, Peppers, Vanilla Crown, Halluomi, Lemon drizzle cake, Cauliflower Cheese, Potato Gratin, Leeks
80) Make a cheesecake (Malteser cheesecake) 
81) Learn to Roller-skate
82) Buy my first car
83) Try out and test new skincare products
84) Eat at a Restaurant I have never eaten at before
85) Make lots of effort over the Summer of 2014 to do things (BBQS, Chelsea, Seeing Wicked, SEBLOGGERS meet-up, enrolling in college, collecting results, getting a job etc)
86) Go to see Wicked again (17th June 2014)
87) Face a fear
88) Finish decorating my room
89) Do some DIY projects for my room
90) Learn all the words to Les Miserables
91) Make more of a conscious effort to keep my room tidy
92) Have more songs on my iPod generally make more of an effort trying to find Music which I love and enjoy
93) Do a Selfless Act
94) Buy the Naked 3 Palette
95) Buy an American Apparel Bow
96) Visit the Sea Life Center
97) Spend a ridiculous amount of money in one shop and not feel guilty about it
98) Buy my mum and dad a gift
99) Don't feel guilty eat chocolate once a day for a week
100) Complete at least 50 things from my list
101) Be able to finish writing 101 things

Thank you reading
Livs x


  1. This is such a cute idea! hope you do well and complete them all! HAPPY NEW YEAR LOVELY! xx

    1. Awww thank you, happy new year to!:)xx